Who I am. Partially.

Rodrigo Chiong was born November 12th, 1989 in Santiago, Chile. First of three brothers, he finished his secondary studies in 2007 at the same school he joined as a 4 years old, the Colegio Teresiano Enrique de Ossó, also located in Santiago de Chile. He then started studying Civil Industrial Engineering in the Facultad de Ciencias Físicas y Matemáticas of the Universidad de Chile in 2008, and two years and a half in, he was admitted in the double-degree program with a renownen french grande ecole, the Ecole Centrale Paris.

This exchange program allowed Rodrigo Chiong to study two years in France (where he learnt French from the ground up in two months) which ended on june 2012. Willing to get the most out of this opportunity, he enrolled in a 6-month internship at Amadeus IT in September 2012, moving to the fast paced technopole of Sophia Antipolis in southern France. During this trainee program he developed an agile project management software intended for internal use, including benchmarking other commercially available solutions, specifications definition, development as the main developer, testing, documentation and deployment, conveying the different steakholder's needs and supporting teams starting to use the tool. It was developed using PHP, MySQL and JavaScript, providing a responsive and user-friendly environment developers, team-leaders and managers still use to effectively manage scrum-based projects.

After finishing his stage at Amadeus, he came back to Chile to finish his studies while also working at Enercom S.A., an industrial equipment company specialized in combustion chambers, dryers and thermal exchangers, where he aids redesigning support processes and developing the tools needed to assure quality control measures.